Pros and Cons of the Santa Cruz Rent Control  Initiative

Renting in Santa Cruz?

Affordable Housing in Crisis – Santa Cruz County, CA

There are two sides to every story and both are important.   Make up your own mind.   

Positive impact on the problems?

Santa Cruz is the least affordable small city in the U.S.  60% of residents are renters, with median rents passing $3,000 per month. Santa Cruz faces a full-blown housing crisis:  Its many  facets—extreme rent burdens, precarious living situations, widespread  displacement and homelessness—have an enormous impact on the community.

Decrease Rental Stock and Increase Overall Rents?

There is little debate that rents in Santa Cruz are exorbitant, and relief is needed. However, there is strong evidence that rent control  is not the best way to address the problem, and in fact will create a  whole new series of problems for beleaguered tenants in the city – like  fewer available rental units, higher rental rates, and loss of landlord control of problem tenants and house overcrowding. 


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Website under development.  This is an independent effort, funded by John Harker and not sponsored by others.  Graduated UCSC BA Econ '77, now retired on the Santa Cruz Westside.  We own a single single family rental down the street but I've tried to give both sides of the story.